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Resilient and Adaptive Population in Disaster (RAPID)

Resilient and Adaptive Population in Disaster (RAPID)

Project Code: PB-003

Fund Implementing Partner: Islamic Relief Pakistan (IRP)

Project Profile

Grant Implementation Signing Date

16th May 2019

Project Start Date

16th May 2019

Project End Date

31st August 2022

Completion Time (Duration)

39.5 Months

  • Thematic Area:  Disaster Risk Resilience
  • Plan:  NDMP, SFDRR, SGDs
  • Entity: Private


The Data is Not Available



1.  Number of schemes / structures completed for drought mitigation (water conservation structures)
  • 10 Nos. of water conservation structures

2. Number of flood protection works constructed / improved

  • 11 Nos. of flood protection

3. KM of new river training works (flood management structures) using community led approach

  • 3.34 KM of flood management structures

4. Number of public building (e.g., schools, hospitals and other important social public facilities) made safe against disasters and resistant to multiple hazards

  • 15 Nos. of building retrofitting

5. Number of forecasting and early warning systems established / strengthened at national and local level

  • 1 No. of early warning system

6. % geographic coverage area of early warning systems increased (S 1.4c)

  • 50 %

7. Number of established and/or functional disaster risk management organizations at community level (disaggregated by Village and UC level)

  • 48 Nos. of VDRMCs
  • 10 Nos. of UCDRMC

8. Number of CBDRM trainings conducted at community level

  • 6 Nos.
  • 2 Nos.

9. Number of individuals trained in DRR at community level

  • 1043 Nos.
  • 106 Nos.

10. Number of emergency response tool kits provided to VDRMCs

  • 40 Nos.
11. Number of capacity building programmes conducted for children and teachers in public schools
  • 4 Nos.
12. Number of individuals trained in SBDRM
  • 325 Nos.

13. Number of emergency response kits (first aid kits) distributed in schools

  • 120 Nos.

14. Community Based Management Trainig / O&M of CLI etc

  • 78 Nos.

15. Community linkages Workshops

  • 1 No.

16. Joint simulation exercise (EQ & Flash Floods)

  • 100 %
  • Funding Ratio :

63.22% NDRMF Share

36.78% FIP Share

    Project Size: Medium (100-500)

0 M
Total Project Cost
  • Status :
Project Objective

The project implementation was completed with an integrated approach through following key objectives:

  • To enhance the knowledge and capacities of multi stakeholders about DRR, DRM and Emergency First Aid through capacity building;
  • to enhance the resilience through improved infrastructures and strengthened communication and early warning mechanisms;
  • Improve economic conditions through infrastructures development for livelihood modelling, effective water resource management and institutional strengthening, and;
  • Constitute an effective mechanism for coordinated response at community level through CBDRM, implementation of response plans and networking with stakeholders.
Project Outcome

Communities and vulnerable groups enabled to maintain normal pace of life and secure assets in the face of climate induced disasters.

Project Impact

Building resilient and adaptive Communities in Quetta & Chaghi Districts by investing into preparedness and mitigation measures in the context of climate change.

Geographical Coverage

Project Gallery

InterventionsProvinceDistrictProject Site
1. Formation of 40 VDRMCs and 08 UDRMCsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
2. CBDRM Trainings for 6 VDRMCs and 02 UDRMCsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
3. 120 Individuals training in Disaster Risk Reduction at village & 36 at UC levelBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
4. 40 Emergency Response Tool Kits to the communitiesBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
5. 4 Capacity building Programmes/events for children and teachers in public schoolsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
6. SBDRM training for 80 individualsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
7. Community Based Management Training / O&M of CLI etc.BalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
8. Community Based Management Training / O&M of CLI etc.BalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
9. 2 Community linkages WorkshopsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
10. Joint simulation exercise (EQ & Flash Floods) for 100 IndividualsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
11. 100 Training Kits (First Aid, Fire etc.)BalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
12. Installation of 01 Early warning systemBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiPMD Office Quetta
13. Construction of 13 Flood Protection StructuresBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
14. Retrofitting of 16 Public Infrastructure BuildingsBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation
15. Construction of 13 Water conservation/ Drought mitigation StructuresBalochistanQuetta, ChaghiLocation

Targeted Beneficiary

Total Beneficiary
Direct Beneficiary
Indirect Beneficiary
Project Description

This project was designed with mitigation, adaptation and preparedness approach to cater climate induced multi-hazard emerging as disasters in form of flash floods, earthquakes and drought in targeted districts i.e. Chaghi and Quetta of Balochistan province.

The project success fully ensured to improve lives and livelihood of the people in targeted area with multiple infrastructure interventions i.e. channelization of flash floods water through water conservation structures at the same time mitigating droughts and also serving as flood protection for the people. The project program used multi-dimensional approach. At one hand increased awareness through soft components of community based CBDRM, SBDRM trainings, Simulation/ evacuation exercises to make the community resilient in case of disaster as a first response including most vulnerable people; PWDs, Man, Women, girls, boys and Children. 2ndly through networking exercises increased the stakeholders’ collaboration through close integration of communities and different government departments. 3rdly through O&M trainings enhanced and involved communities to ensure sustainability and maintenance of the infrastructures constructed under the project for mitigations and protection of the vulnerable communities.

Last but not the least invested in resilient infrastructures through retrofitting of the public buildings, flood protection works, water conservations structures to create safe environment for the residents of the area.

The project impact was evident during 2022 floods, which hit Balochistan along with whole country. No causalities reported in the areas where this project was implemented, rather the flood protection works protected the whole communities effectively during recent floods and water conservation structures provided support in ground level water recharge for drought mitigation.

Contact Person

Name: Amina Sadaf

Deputy Manager Projects Appraisal and Management

Tel: +92-51-9108300           Fax: +92-51-9108377                         Email: amina.sadaf@ndrmf.pk

Address: NDRMF, 5th Floor, EOBI House, Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad

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