NDRMF is a financial intermediary that strives to ensure the optimal allocation and use of resources available, helping reduce the risks posed by natural hazards to achieve the overall resilience agenda. This is the reason the Fund has introduced a well-defined set of criteria ranging from the selection of partners all the way to the sub-project selection from the earliest of its stages of development.

Submission of PC-1 Documents

The Government departments dealing with Disaster Risk Management (DRM) will submit their proposals to NDRMF after careful screening and consolidation by the Federal/provincial or regional Coordination Committees. The proposal will then be reviewed and evaluated by the Fund review committee through a rapid risk assessment exercise. The Fund staff will engage with respective departments directly to improve the quality of the proposal where required.

Once an assessment is done by the Fund, the proposal will be submitted to the Planning & Development departments of each region, who would then process an umbrella PC-1 to solicit the required counterpart funding from their respective Governments.

Checklist of Documents

For confirming the readiness (accreditation) of Public Sector Entities (Government Departments) for implementing a project, a simpler checklist has been prepared to focus on fiduciary related compliances and their competence for the project’s execution. The checklist has been shared amongst stakeholders and the same is applied while appraising their proposed projects.

The Checklist can be downloaded here:



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