Project Proposal Guidelines

The departments dealing with DRM will submit proposals to the federal, provincial or regional coordination committees that will be supported by the Fund staff. The proposals will be screened by the coordination committee and consolidated proposal will be sent to the Fund for review by each region. Based on the risk assessment and proposals review criteria established for its core areas of support and core institutional functions (procurement, safeguards, financial management), the proposals will be evaluated by the Fund for the award of the grant.
Project proposal submission guidelines shall be used for the development of proposals by the organizations (Referred to as Fund Implementation Partners or FIPS) that would like to be considered for the award of grants under NDRMF. The purpose of the guidelines is to maintain uniformity and transparency in proposals which will help in better evaluation and selection of the potential projects.
These project proposal guidelines are as follows:
  • Expert Assessment:

    Evaluation and review panels made for the purpose is selected based on clearly defined criteria so as to evaluate project proposals on the level of contributions towards broader resilience with cost-benefit and cost-efficient approach.

  • Transparency:

    All decisions must be based on clearly described rules, procedures, and evaluation criteria. All project proposals must receive adequate feedback on their evaluation.

  • Impartiality:

    Project proposals to be evaluated based on their quality and without prejudice. Conflicts of interest must be registered and processed according to established procedures.

  • Consistency:

    The evaluation procedure must be consistent with characteristics of DRM/CCA fields and in proportion with the value of project proposals and work complexity.

  • Confidentiality:

    All persons and organizations involved in the evaluation process must respect the confidentiality of all information listed in the project proposal including intellectual property and all other documents.

  • Integrity and ethical issues:

    Preservation of the noted principles is the responsibility of all persons involved in the evaluation.

The Project Proposal Format can be
downloaded here:

The Call for Proposal can be
downloaded here:

Project Selection Criteria

In light of the above guidelines a comprehensive project selection criteria has been adopted by NDRMF to proceed with the award of grants as follows:
  • Conformity with the overall mandate of NDRMF as per PAM and Loan Agreements
  • Alignment of proposed interventions/schemes with NDMP, NFPP-IV, and NDRMF Result Framework
  • Firm commitment to provide 30% project cost
  • Balance mix of public (federal and provincial) and non-public entities
  • Geographical spread ensuring allocation of projects in all provinces/regions
  • Covering High-Risk Districts
  • Calculating & confirming Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR >12%)
  • Evaluation of proposed methodologies for implementation
  • Ensuring compliances with social, gender, environmental safeguards, and risk reduction
  • The economy of scales and value for money in proposed projects’ costs



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