NatCat Risk Calculator

Risk Calculator is a technology based tool to explore the Multi Hazard Risk associated to various national disasters in the country. It provides an opportunity to explore and build exposure, vulnerability and risk mapping of the geographic area. It also provides you for risk sensitive decision making tool for your disaster risk management and regular development projects.

What are the Model Components?

Built from the most current scientific data available, NatCat model capture how various catastrophes behave based on probabilistic approach and calculate impacts on population and infrastructure, and insurable assets using sophisticated simulation methods.

What Model Provide

Built from the most current scientific data available, NatCat Model provides an insight to the probabilities of future disaster risk in various geographic locations of the country and their impacts on people, their assets and physical infrastructure.

Average Annual Loss (AAL)

AAL is the loss that can be expected to occur per year, on average, over a period of many years

Exceedance Probability (EP)

The likelihood that a loss of any given size
(or greater) will occur in the coming

Tail Value at Risk (TVaR)

The expected value of loss beyond a specific exceedance probability

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