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Annual Report 2022-2023
Annual Report
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Annual Reports




Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program 2019

Pakistan Nationally Determined Policies (NDCs)-2021

Technology Need Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation 2016

Framework for Implementation of National Climate Change Policy 2014-2030

National Electric Vehicle Policy 2019

National Clean Air Policy 2023

Natural Hazardous Waste Management Policy 2022

National Adaptation Plan 2023

National Forest Policy 2015

National Climate Change Policy 2021

National Climate Change Policy 2012

Pakistan updated NDC

Framework for Implementation of CC Policy

National Climate Change Policy of Pakistan

Resilient Pakistan Vol 3 Edition

Harassment Committee Notification

ESMS Third Party Audit Report NDRMF Departmental Audit Reports

Annexures of ESMS Audit Report NDRMF Departmental Audit Reports

Semi-Annual Environmental Monitoring Report (Jul-Dec 2023)

Resilient Pakistan Vol 2 Edition

Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of Coastal Communities in Sindh and Formulation of Community Adaptation Plan

Unpacking-Urban-Resilience: Framework for building Urban Resilience to Climate Change in Thatta & Karachi

8th Semi-annual Report of Social Safeguard of NDRMF

Resilience after Catastrophe

Climate Change Action Plan 2023–2030

Pakistan Prespective on COP28

Making Pakistan Resilient Vol 1

Restoration and Rehabilitation of Flood Protection and Water Conservation Structures in District Pishin, Balochistan

Restoration & Rehabilitation of Flood Damaged Water Conservation Structures in Irrigation Division Quetta

Rehabilitation/Strengthening of the Water Conservation Structures, Flood Protection Schemes in Naseerabad and Killa Abdullah Districts

Building Resilience of Damaged Flood Mitigation Structures along River Indus in Sindh Province

Recent Developments in Climate Finance: Implications for Pakistan

Hiring of Individual Consultant for Advocacy

Corporate Annual Report 2018-2019






Anti Harassment Policy

Pakistan’s Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

NDCs Pakistan

Semi-Annaul Environmental Monitoring Reports (DRR July-Dec 2022)

Semi-Annual Environmental Monitoring Report (EAL July-Dec-22)

Semiannual Environmental Performance Report 2020

Semiannual Social Safeguard Monitoring Report October 2020

Semiannual Environmental Performance Report Jul-Dec 2020

2ND Semiannual Social Safeguard Monitoring Report 2020

Semiannual Environmental Performance Report Jan-Jun 2021

3RD Semiannual Social Safeguard Monitoring Report 2021

Semi-Annual Report for NIH

4th Semi-Annual Report Social Safeguard

Semi-Annual Environmental Monitoring Report (DRR July – December 2021)

Semi-Annaul Enironmental Monitoring Reports ( EAL July-December 2021)

Provision of Advance Hydrological Equipments and Capacity Building on Real Time Flow

DDR Building Resilience to Disaster and Climate Change

Strengthening & Disaster Preparedness of Operational Districts of Emergency Rescue Service KPK

DDR Building Resilience to Disaster and Climate Change




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