Board of Directors
The second tier of NDRMF management is the Board of Directors (BOD) for the overall management of NDRMF affairs. The BOD is elected amongst the members of the General Body. One term of the Board of Directors is for three years. The BOD shall consist of 15 members out of which, four shall be from the Federal Government, four from the Provincial Government, three Subject Specialists, two Donor and one Civil Society representative. The CEO is a member of the board in his/her ex-officio capacity.

The overall functions of the BOD are as follows:

  • Determine the direction and scope of activities of the NDRMF
  • Ensure that the operations of the NDRMF are governed by sound management principles
  • Ensure that resources of NDRMF are used only for the intended purposes
  • Ensure that fiduciary care is exercised in use of the NDRMF’s resources
  • Ensure that resources of the NDRMF are provided to well-managed institutions, and financial assistance to partner institutions is based on principles of cost sharing and project/proposal viability.



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