Reporting Function

This section provides an overview of the reporting requirements from NDRMF FIPs.
Quarterly Progress Report (QPR)

The Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) describes major accomplishments of the quarter, including actual versus planned results vis-à-vis the annual targets presented in the project Implementation and M& E plan, and explain any significant deviations from expected results. The FIPs are required to submit QPR within five (5) days after ending of a calendar quarter.

Semi-Annual Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) Reporting

Environmental and social performance is evaluated by NDRMF on a semi-annual basis. FIP is required to prepare and submit a semi-annual environmental and social monitoring report to review and assess the FIP’s performance on environmental and social safeguard issues. The FIPs are required to submit an ESMS report within five (5) Days every alternate quarter along with QPR.

Annual Progress Report (APR)

An annual report is provided at the end of each year. This replaces the quarterly report for the fourth quarter of each year and broadly reports on progress towards achievements of the project during the past twelve (12) months. The FIPs are required to submit APR within five (5) Days every calendar year.

Completion Report

FIPs are expected to prepare an End of Program / Completion Report that include a comprehensive analysis of the grant project accomplishments in achieving results and conclusion about areas in need of future assistance. The FIPs are required to submit their final reports to NDRMF no later than forty-five (45) days after the end of the program.

RAG Report for Implementation / Work Plan

These Progress Dashboards are designed to reflect progress against activities and deliverables and “RAG-Rate” deliverables. The RAG rating is an approach to present progress against deliverables and their deadlines. The FIPs are required to keep this updated at all times and submit a copy to NDRMF along with their QPR.



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