NDRMF is a government-owned not-for-profit institution registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan under Section 42. The Fund is established as a non-banking financial intermediary with a corporate structure whose aim is to provide funding for a range of structural and non-structural interventions to be carried out by Government and non-Government in the fields of DRR, DRF & Climate Change
Financial Management Group
Financial Management Group of NDRMF is managing an investment portfolio of more than PKR 19.54 billion. The group ensures the compliance with regulatory and International Accounting Standards (IAS), especially for organizations that receive funding from International Development Partners like ADB, World Bank, Australian & Norwegian Grant, & Agence De France. FMG ensures the implementation of approved policies & procedures through implementation of International Accounting Standards, which helps to produce transparent, accurate and reliable financial reports for organizational decision making and projections to the Donors. The main function of the group includes the following:

Funds/Treasury Management. The Endowment Fund has been established to ensure financial viability of the Fund and sustainability of its operations in long term. The endowment investment strategy is endorsed and approved by the Board. Endowment Fund Rules 2016 & the Investment guidelines 2018 have been followed for the investment of Endowment Fund. Over the span of five years’ endowment Fund has grown from PKR 12.590 billion to PKR 19.54 billion. NDRMF invest through Primary Market in Market Treasury Bills (MTBs), which is considered the safest available investment opportunity and over a period of five years realized a total profit of PKR 6.95 billion. The earnings thus generated from the Endowment Fund are used for;

  • Additional investments in interest/profit bearing securities.
  • Financing of disaster risk reduction activities, as approved, from time to time, by its Board of Directors, and
  • NDRMF’s recurrent cost.

Endowment Fund

Generate Profit Through Investment

Finance Disaster Risk Activities, Recurrent Cost & for Re-investment

As NDRMF is a non- banking financial institution which provided Funds to Government and Non-Government Entities (Funds Implementing Partners): Since inception till date NDRMF signed agreements of PKR. 56,631 million projects with Government & Non-Government Entities. In this regard the detail of disbursement is given below:
  • Funds PKR. 47,842 million have been disbursed to Government entities for Disaster Risk Reduction projects, COVID-19 Pandemic, Climate Change & support for Flood affectees 2022.
  • Funds PKR. 956 million have been disbursed to Non-Government Entities for Disaster Risk Reduction projects.

Audited Financial Statements approved by NDRMF Board & Donors donor-wise (ADB, World Bank, AFD & GoP).:

  • Audited Financial Statements for FY 2018-19
  • Audited Financial Statements for FY 2019-20
  • Audited Financial Statements for FY 2020-21
  • Audited Financial Statements for FY 2021-22



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