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Providing Stone Apron. Stone Pitching and Earth Work along L.S Bund Mile 18/0 to 20/0 in Northern Dadu Division Larkana

Providing Stone Apron Stone Pitching and Earth Work along L.S Bund Mile 18/0 to 20/0 in Northern Dadu Division Larkana

Project Code:  GB-010

Fund Implementing Partner: Sindh Irrigation Department

Project Profile

Grant Implementation Signing Date

20th March 2020

Project Start Date

20th March 2020

Project End Date

30th November 2022

Completion Time (Duration)

32 Months

  • Thematic Area: Flood Resilience
  • Entity: Public


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1.  Number of flood protection/river trainning works constructed/improved
  • Rehablitation of flood embankment/bund 1No.
2. KM of critical flood disaster risk reduction structures retrofitted and /or reconstructed
  • Restoration of embankment 3KM
  • Funding Ratio :

70%-NDRMF Share

30%-FIP Share

    Project Size: Medium (100-500)

0 M
Total Project Cost
  • Status :
Project Activities
  • Rehabilitation of flood embankment of 3 Km
  • Stone Pitching of Vulnerable reaches
  • Construction of stone apron
Project Objective
  • Improve resilience to flooding
  • Rehabilitate and raise existing flood Defence and manage the risk of floodin
Project Outcome

Increase physical capacity to reduce the socioeconomic and fiscal impacts of natural hazards

Project Impact

A more disaster-resilient Pakistan with reduced socioeconomic and fiscal vulnerability to natural hazards and climate variability and change

Geographical Coverage

Project Gallery

InterventionsProvinceDistrictProject Site
1. Rehabilitation of Bund (Earth Work)SindhLarkanaDokari
2. Construction of stone apron and stone pitchingSindhLarkanaDokari

Targeted Beneficiary

Total Beneficiary
Direct Beneficiaries
Indirect Beneficiaries
Project Description

The L.S Bund is the first line of defense, river protection bund serving to protect the famous archaeological site of Mohen-Jo-Daro in Larkana District along with serving the most populated district comprising of acres of agriculture land with agriculture being the key source of livelihood for the majority of the population. The project also aims to protect public infrastructure, including the Indus Highway, Railway Track and other public and private properties. The erosive and wave wash action of the River Indus directly impacts the densely populated city of Larkana. This project of Stone Apron, Stone Pitching and Earth Work along the L.S Bund will provide a defense to the major chunk of the population of the district, along with protecting the historical heritage of Moen-Jo-Daro.

Contact Person

Name: Amina Sadaf

Designation: Deputy Manager Projects Appraisal and Management

Tel: +92-51-9108300           Fax: +92-51-9108377                         Email: [email protected]

Address: NDRMF, 5th Floor, EOBI House, Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad

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