The Fund has introduced a holistic accreditation process for the non-public sector organizations. This means that any organization (non-public) willing to partner with the Fund to contribute to the resilience agenda has to undergo the accreditation process and has to qualify the accreditation criteria. The accreditation criteria for evaluating the eligibility and institutional capacity of non-public entities were approved by NDRMF Board of Directors on 23rd of May 2018 in their 7th Meeting


Non-government entities will be accredited to assess their respective capacity to implement grants before inviting proposals, which if accepted, will result in the signing of the grant agreement and releasing the grant.
The main objective of the capacity assessment is to engage only with organizations that are eligible and meet the minimum capacity requirements, at least in critical implementation areas.
In the case of an organization meeting the minimum capacity requirements, however, it has gaps in certain aspects, the organization will develop and agree to a “Risk Mitigation Plan” to mitigate the identified gaps. The Fund will then review its compliance and accept it before releasing the grant.
An organization that stands qualified for the award of the grant after accreditation and acceptance of the proposal will be called “Fund Implementing Partner”.
The accreditation process consists of two stages:

Whether or not the applying organization is eligible for exploring NDRMF grants in consideration of the applicable laws of the country.

Whether or not the applying organization has the institutional capacity, the organizational structure, the financial and procurement controls, and the regulatory and legal regimes to make use of the grant. Only once the Fund is satisfied with an organization’s capacity, in light of all supporting documents, can it be given the status of FIP. Once accredited, the now FIP can submit its proposal to NDRMF (PC-1 document) for the award of the grant.

An organization already possessing an external accreditation(s) such as GEF, GCF, etc. or accreditation by a Donor Agency, will be considered accredited by NDRMF upon provision of the documentation to NDRMF that was submitted for securing external accreditation(s) along with the accreditation certificate.

The Accreditation Proforma can be
downloaded here:

"The Accreditation Procedure was shared with the potential partners during the NDRMF Launch Workshop on 16th-17th July 2018. A mock-accreditation exercise was carried out with the potential partners, focusing on the criteria set for accreditation. The current version of the criteria has all the input duly incorporated."



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